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About Saurashtra University

Saurashtra University, established on 23rd May, 1967, is situated in Rajkot city of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat State. The campus of the university is spread over 363 acres of land. The jurisdiction of the university includes Amreli, Jamanagar, Junagadh, Porbandar, Rajkot, Surendranagar districts. It has 29 post Graduate Departments on its campus and 298 affiliated colleges.

About Saurashtra

Saurashtra forms a part of Gujarat State and is located on the western part of India. It assumes the shape of a Peninsula budging out in the Arabian Sea and is spread over an area of 64,338 sq.kms. The climate of Saurashtra is characterized by a hot summer and general dryness except in the coastal areas. The region of Saurashtra was described as Kathiawad during the Pre-British Period. Soon after independence, all princely states were integrated into one state viz. Saurashtra which ceased to exist as a separate state with its merger into bilingual Bombay state (including all parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra) in 1956. Again when Bombay state was bifurcated on 1st May 1960, in to two separate states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the region of Saurashtra was merged in to Gujarat State.

The industries like cotton ginning and pressing factories, Pottery works, glass works, oil mills, Cement factories, Salt works, Match works Tin factories, bras and metal works, iron Foundries and iron works, Pharmaceutical and Chemical factories, Soap factories, Printing Press, Cement-tiles manufacturing units have been well developed in this region. Some unorganized industries like hand-looms industry, knot sari printing (Bandhani), blanket making stone caring, ivory works golden and silver works Cart manufacturing, ship building and fishing have also important place in the economy of Saurashtra. There is also a good number of Small – Scale industries. Different financial institutions in the state help these industries.

Rajkot has produced leaders of national stature. Though born in Porbandar, Mahatma Gandhi took his primary and secondary education here in Rajkot city at Alfred High School, which is now given a name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi High School. The house in which Gandhiji lived at that time still exists which is known as Kaba-Gandhi’s dela. There is now a museum of Pictures based on Gandhiji’s life. The city is also having one more very old museum at Jubilee Garden-Watson Museum.

The head-quarters of four Universities Saurashtra University, Bhavnagar University. Ayurved University & Krishi University has been situated in Saurashtra.

Saurashtra is also a place of attraction for tourists. The famous Dwarikanath Temple (Dwarka). Somnath Temple (Veraval) Jain Temple (Palitana) are well known in India. The mountain Girnar at Junagadh is considered a holy place and its other than the Himalayas. Places like Chorwad, Ahmad-nagar Mandvi, Sasan-Gir (Lion show) are worth seeing. Saurashtra is also have beautiful princely places, some of which have been converted into Hotels by Gujarat tourism.

The evoke of Saurashtra are familiar for their sweet language and kind hospitality. Saurashtra have provided leaders like Shri Mahatma Gandhi (father of Nation) Shri Maharshi Dayanand (founder of Arya Samaj) and saint-poet Shri Narsih Mehta, Saint Shri Jalaram Bapa and National Poet Shri Zaverchand Meghani.

Saurashtra has got biggest coast line on which important ports like Kandla (free Trade Zone) Veraval, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Okha, Salaya, Bhavnagar, Gogha etc. are located.

Saurashtra has also references in Purans. Dwarka was the seat of Power of Lord Krishna’s Yadav-kul. Piously, this region has been called “Anart Pradesh” and Somnath area is called as Prabhas Kshetra which gives Moksha as per Hindu Mythology.

Rajkot city was founded by the then rulers of Sardhar on the bank of the River Aji in the year 1608. After independence, it was selected as the capital of Saurashtra state in 1948. With the formation of Gujarat state, it became its part. Since then, Rajkot has known by leaps and bounds and it is one of the four biggest cities.

Rajkot has made rapid strides not only in the industrial and commercial sphere bit also in cultural field. It is known for its small industries specially engineering and oil engine manufacturing. Though, it is centrally located in the state and is an important link to the Saurashtra region. It is at a dis-advantage so far as its resources are concerned. Because of rapid rise in the area of Rajkot city and its population, heavy growth of small industries and limited availability of underground water against irregular rainfall, people have to face problem of water-shortage many-a-time.

On educational front, there are colleges- Arts-Science and Commerce, one pharmacy college and Polytechnique, Medical, Engineering etc. Rajkot is the Head quarter of Saurashtra University.

Outer areas of Rajkot city have broad and well –illuminated roofs with colored fountains at different places. The city is having very old library, i.e. Lang Library. There are four major water reservoirs -Lalpari, Aji-1, Aji-2 and Nyari which also serve as good picnic places for the people of Rajkot. The city is also having a beautiful Ramkrishna Temple, at Ramkrishna Ashram, built on the model of the temple at Belur-Math. Calcutta. There is also one famous Gurukul where students get education in its real sense of the word, where along with formal education, students are made aware of our great Indian culture and ethical values.

Recently one more beautiful temple known as Shrimat Rajchandra Dhyan Mandir has also been built near Akashvani, Swaminarayan Temple on Kalawad Rod. There is one Rashtriya Shala which was built in the early days of the freedom movement in this century where one Gandhiji went on Fast during freedom movement.

Rajkot is also well known for its beautifully carved gold and silver ornaments all over the country. Standard of living in Rajkot city is comparatively high. People are generally well-to-do economically and very hospitable.

Whether is normally fine. In summer, days are hot but evenings remain always pleasant in Rajkot.


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